3D printing is the portraiture of the future – a fusion of photography and sculpture.

Each print is absolutely unique – attention to detail and quality of the final product is key. Each individual work of art is hand finished by experienced prop makers and costumiers with an extensive background in the world of film, television and theatre.

3D printing allows us to create a beautiful figurine or bust of a grandchild,  a family portrait or a wedding cake topper of the happy couple.

Do you want wings ? Ever thought four legs are better then two? We can create a fantasy ‘you’ without dull biological limts.

Are you looking for unusual and unique jewellery – if you can imagine it we can make it !

Are you a designer looking to prototype something or create a small production run ? Contact us here.

So how does it all work ?

The first process is scanning. We visit you with our 3D scanner and begin the process of digitally recreating you, your dog, cat, uncle, aunt, child or chicken. As long as whatever you want to have remade can stay reasonably still for 60 seconds then we can scan it. All we require is approximately 2 m² of clear space and a domestic plug socket.

We then take the 3d image back to our office –  digitally smooth the edges and convert it into a file our 3d printer can recognize.

Once the file is ready it is fed into the printer and somewhere between 2 and 12 hours later the miniature is created. This will then be hand finished to your exact specifications.

Have a look here at a print in progress.